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Europrofiles member of CEN TC 125 WG-5
Press release from 27.05.2013
EUROPROFILES participation at. the CEN TC 125 WG-5

Europrofiles is an active member of the CEN TC 125 WG-5.

This CEN workgroup stands for the Technical committee nr 125 which deals with the standards for the application of external rendering (EN 13914-1 ) and the application of internal plastering (EN 13914-2)

The drafting of these documents, in which the recommendations of the Europrofiles products are listed, has been prepared by experts from the different European member states (Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, etc...)

In the different sessions with discussion between experts, the application fields of the products and the way how to install them have been clearly listed.

During the Stockholm meeting at the SIS institute (Swedish Institute of Standards) on April 24-25th, the drafts have been almost finalised. By end of May 2013 these versions of the standards will now circulate to the different member states of the European Community.

During a 6 months period, the member states will have the possibility to translate the document into their national language and comment the document.

The role of Europrofiles in this committee was to assure that the products and their installation recommendations are specified in the correct way.

Moreover the contribution of Europrofiles during the discussions has been well appreciated, as many questions about the organisation, activity and strategy were received by the participants of the committee

All members of the Europrofiles will receive a copy of these standards.

Picture taken during the meeting on April 25th 2013

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