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Association member
Tel.: +49 175 4379703
Fax: +49 6081 44561 108
Email: klaus.kemmer[at]bekaert.com
Internet: http://www.bekaert.com/building
Description of the company
Bekaert is an international company which activities are based on two core competences : advanced metal transformation and advanced products and coatings. The combination of these competences makes Bekaert an unique company. Bekaert with headquarters in Belgium, is a technological market leader with a worldwide customer base with large industrial activities.

The Bekaert building products are worldwide used. The products offered to the plaster and render market are :
  • Widra®: steel wire corner beads for reinforcing an aligning straight angles
  • Stucanet ®: steel wire metal lath which creates a large architectural freedom
  • Armanet ®: steel wire reinforcement used in the renovation of cracked masonry and concrete walls
  • Poutrafil ®: steel wire studs for construction to which metal lath can be build.

Other building products are :
  • Murfor ®: steel wire masonry reinforcement foor masonry with mortar and thin bed joints
  • Dramix® : steel wire fibers for concrete reinforcement
  • Mesh track and Bitufor ®: steel wire reinforcement for road construction and asphalt overlays.
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