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Association member
Tel.: +33 [0] 1 60 33 25 20
Fax: +33 [0] 1 60 33 06 56
Email: info[at]protektor-fr.com
Internet: http://www.protektor.com
Description of the company

Protektor was founded in 1903 in Gaggenau/Germany. The company produces over 700 profiles for the plaster-, render- and etics-market. But it also offers 230 type of products for the cladding market. Finally the product portofolio counts another 700 product types for the interior applications.As such a complete programme for all possible applications.

Complementary to product development, Protektor is a fully integrated company comprising profilation, bending,folding and extrusion.
In this position Protektor delivers both the industrial partners as the builders merchants with high quality products.

Since 1974 Protektor started with export towards France, where in 1997 an affiliated company was created. Since January 1st of 2016, new premises were opened in Collégien where an large sales team and the logistics cover the entire French market. As such Protektor is in a position to reacct quickly on the market demand;

The innovation capacity , the quality and ergonomic of the products of Protekor are greatly appreciated by the market.

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