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Association member
Tel.: +49224126400
Fax: +492241 264021
Email: info[at]rsm-heitfeld.de
Internet: www.rsm-heitfeld.de
Description of the company

RSM has manufactured ribbed drawn metals and high-rib products as lost formwork since 1954. The business is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. RSM belongs to the vom Hofe Group, which has around 300 employees.

The business is based in Troisdorf-Sieglar (between Cologne and Bonn).

The product range of the business covers ribbed drawn metals:

  • Flat rip 0.2
  • Hole rip 0.3 and 0.5
  • Combi rip and
  • Super rip made of stainless steel

The company also offer the following high rip products as lost formwork:

  • High rip 0.3
  • High rip 0.4
  • High rip 0.575

Product information and catalogues can be requested here.
Alternatively, you may download them as PDF files.
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