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Association member
Tel.: +31(0) 412 - 633930
Fax: +31(0) 412 - 639355
Email: info[at]ripstaal.nl
Internet: http://www.ripstaal.nl
Description of the company

Since more than 55 years, Ripstaal is a leader in the production for beads and lath.

The company is also a supplier for profiles for tiles and expanded metal lath.

Continuous research and development are the key elements in the activities of the company and as such allows the company to offer an extensive range of products for the plasterer.

All products made at the company are made from high quality metals such as galvanised steel strip, aluzinc, aluminium and stainless steel. Ripstaal also offers a range of beads in synthetic material.

The design and the quality of the profiles increases the productivity of the contractor, which allows him to supply the market with a competitive solutions.

Ripstaal is a green company as the products ùade from Aluzinc and PVC are environment friendly as they are completely recyclable.

Ripstaal is the right choice

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