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Association member
Tel.: +49-7261-9297-0
Fax: +49-7261-16612
Email: info[at]catnic.de
Internet: http://www.catnic.de
Description of the company

Catnic GmbH is a part of the world-wide active Tata Steel AG, with headquarters in England. The company specializes in the manufacture of high-grade building components.

The high level of quality of the standard products applies equally to special articles which we manufacture ourselves in modern plants as also for the delivery service.

The Catnic products are constantly being further improved. The knowledge for this is based on a constant dialogue between the departments for Research and Development and the users throughout the world.

In 1994 Catnic Received certificate No Q06364 from the British Standards Institution for fulfilling the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9002 Standard.

The central Catnic stores are situated in Sinsheim (Area Heidelberg) in Germany. There are five supply depots for our products throughout the Republic.

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